How Was Your Weekend?


9:00 AM Saturday morning I worked at an Event in Century City.

12:00 headed home to pick up Dewey and change cars. The SUV was loaded with camping gear, Dewey’s bike and my clothes for the evening.

1:00 PM left home and headed to Chapman University to pick up Huey. A simple 45-minute drive, or so I thought. I believe Saturday traffic now is worse than weekday traffic.

3:00 PM pick up Huey and drive to Temecula, on the Highway that goes through the Super Bloom. A lovely treat.

But as breathtaking as the Super Bloom of wild flowers are, is as breathtaking it was to watch the idiots trying to get as close as possible to take a selfie!

“…attractive to the eye and soothing to the smell . . . poppiespoppiespoppies will put them to sleep.”

Well it didn’t. It actually made me crazy! By now the traffic had come to a standstill. We needed to be in Temecula by 4:00 and me back to Pasadena by 5:30 to make this plan all work out.

6:00 PM arrived at Temecula. I pulled into the camping spot, slammed on the breaks and dumped out the tent, sleeping bags, bike.

“You’ll be back for my mountain biking race tomorrow right?”

“Of course.”

You see, Huey as the wonderful big brother volunteered to camp overnight with Dewey and his mountain biking team so I could attend my event tonight.

“Go Mom, I’m not giving up my Saturday night for you to miss yours.”

6:15 PM back on the road with a large ice tea, I trudged through the Super Bloom yet again.

7:40 PM arrived at the Metro Station in Pasadena. Parked the car and in a dark corner peeled off my dress from the morning’s event and flung on my Prom Dress.

Not enough time for the train so I called an UBER. Minutes later it arrived. “Step On It!”

8:05 PM arrived at the theater in Downtown LA.

8:06 PM sat next to my friends.

8:07 PM GREASE the Sing Along began.

I Was Made in the Shade!

After the movie, all us gals dressed in our 50s Prom Dresses went bar hopping.

We carried the flag for all Beauty School Drop-outs!

2:00 AM I rested my spinning head on my pillow.

6:00 AM alarm goes off like an Atomic Bomb. I popped two Advil.

6:15 AM back in the car, still a bit drunk.

I flew through the sleeping Super Bloom.

9:00 AM arrived just in time to see Dewey’s race.

His first lap around the five mile track he whizzed by us. But on the second lap I counted riders…8, 9, 10, 15… “something’s wrong.”

“Mom, maybe just a bad race.” Huey said.

A mom knows.

My phone rang, “Dewey crashed. We’re in the medical tent.”

Dewey had a gash over his eye, and legs all scratched up. His front bike tire exploded.

11:00 AM waiting in the ER.

When the doctor removed the Dewey’s bandage Huey looked at me, “Are you going to barf, Mom?”


Yes, to the sight of bodily fluids but more I was now hungover.

1:00 PM Dewey’s head glued back together, we’re back in the glow of the Super Bloom.

3:00 PM dropped Huey back at school.

5:00 PM dropped Dewey at home. I still had a party to go to.

5:15 PM arrived a party declaring, “I am the Shell of the Girl I used to be.”


“Heck yes!”

“How was your weekend?”



Live with waffletude





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